Ode to Poetry

Subtle touch
of pen to sheet,
is the perfect place
for words to meet,
as rhymes link lines
and emphasise,
a different world
through another’s eyes.
You feel as though
you’re free again
through the ink,
of another’s pen
And take a moment
to feel the rush
of artistic words,
from an artist’s brush,
that sweep the page
with imagery,
and come together
in poetry.
My ode is this,
that words are bliss,
as poems are where
words can kiss
the moral shown,
is better known
as poems are where
thoughts are grown

redandrew23 18/12/2013 (Again, this was written a few days before being posted)
The backstory – In English we’re studying poetry, I figured that writing an ode using a style somewhat similar to Pablo Neruda wouldn’t be a bad idea. I tend to be rather critical of poetry by other people. My teachers always say ‘every decision a poet makes is for a reason.’ A phrase I disagree with, I write because I want to write. I don’t use a metaphor and think ‘that’s an important metaphor’ or anything. I’ll probably post 1 more poem on friday this week, something a little darker. Just to show a slightly more sinister side. Then I’ll most likely do a weekend blog style post just chatting about life etc.
But I’m not committing to a routine just yet. Hopefully if you’re reading this you enjoyed the poem, as you’ve read a whole paragraph already. If you’ve got time then a comment on the poem, constructive or just praising would be nice to read. Every little helps in making my poetry better for everyone. Also if you have any requests for the christmas period I can write some festive poems for you all ^.^


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