So this isn’t going to be a regular feature, I’m usually fairly busy on a thursday, but I wrote a poem remembering those who would give their lives in war:

Armed with a gun
and a badge of pride,
he takes to the field,
to commit suicide,

for suicide is but,
the acceptance to die,
whether his hand, or yours
we just cannot deny,

that soldiers in masses
and families torn,
amongst the red poppies,
alone on the lawn

I don’t despise war,
but the cause, and effect
leave us questions to ask,
about what we detect

as a threat to our home,
and a danger to us,
because surely a bullet
can’t kick up a fuss

I know crime is wrong,
and shooting is bad,
but if every gun shot
the world’s ever had,

resulted in conflict
I’m sure you’d agree,
we’d have more wars on our hands
than fish in the sea,

and quite frankly that’s bad,
it’s a catastrophe
that these millions should suffer,
for the rest to be free.

Remember those who gave their lives. I realize this poem is rather strongly against war. But it is adapted from a poem I wrote when I was much younger and the message will always be relevant.


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