What colour is rejection?

What colour is rejection,
what colour could it be?
Is it blue like empty skies?
or green with jealousy?

There must have been a colour,
that made you feel rejection?
A colour which reflects your pain,
your every imperfection?

Perhaps white shows the emptiness
the plainess and the spite,
that make you understand your place,
to find your wrong and right.

or red depicts the fire,
that burns so slow and bright,
and when rejected starts to flicker
the spark just won’t ignite.

The blue is cold, like icy ponds,
the ice wears thin and weak,
and when rejected ice may crack,
and times may feel bleak.

But rejection could be something bright,
a pink or softer tone,
A colour which will calm the sting
of feeling so alone.

So does rejection mirror pain?
or does it look quite pretty?
for when rejection hits again
you’ll be left feeling shitty

Back story – Well xD I think it’s pretty self explanatory. I normally relate my poetry to something personal, or a news story which touches me (mentally).


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