The Price of Honesty

I’d throw in all my chips
and gamble truth away,
take a chance with lies,
as honest skies turn grey.
The days recede to darkness,
the lights will flicker black.
The storm will stir as motors whir
and thunder starts to crack.
I turn a shoulder to emotion
hate smiling through my lips,
the power of deception
scatters rain in bloody drips.
The street lamp casts a spot light,
there’s a body centre stage,
a bitter, empty carcase,
lost in honest, ugly rage.
I’ve paid the price of honesty,
no tears, remorse, regret,
an honest man on broken ground
has duly paid his debt.
The sirens wail but shed no tears,
the wound still lies there weeping,
and shaking heads mourn for the dead
as the monitor stops beeping.

A poem from my facebook page:
If you want poems I’m more likely to post them there though I’ll probably post them on here as well. Please could you like the page to show your support if you’re interested.
If you’ve got any poems I’d love to read them. Thanks for reading 🙂
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