I cannot go back…

I have made my mistakes,

I’m sorry I never quite
had what it takes.

To succeed and prosper,
a goal worth achieving,
but in my own strengths,
I’m the one not believing.

While others would try,
to tell me I’m wrong,
I’d laugh and ignore them,
they were right all along.

But through my addictions,
I know I’m prevented,
from making a change
to become, reinvented.

A factory line,
a shipment,
The ice in my heart
brings a cold winter shiver
But I’m not some invention,
not a product, nor toy.
I’m a human with feelings,
but these feelings destroy
every friendship I cling to,
every hope that I chase..

I’m not made of rubber,
my regrets won’t erase.

I’m over it,
the lies and shit,
the voice in my head has relented
I’m making a change
As my life will arrange
in the way that it is reinvented.

~ Andrew
Thank you for reading 🙂


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