The last year is over,
the new year is arriving,
Like a splash in the deep end,
all the divers are diving
all the fighters are fighting
the believers, believing,
the liars are lying
the deceivers, deceiving.
Yet every year as it comes
we promise a change
we reorder our lives
and find dates to arrange
a little reunion,
with the ones we respect
the ones we rely on
the ones we protect.
No matter your promise,
stay true to your friends,
and fix all your errors,
till the broken bit mends.

I promise to change,
to improve as a man,
but I’m still the same person
as when the last year began


Happy new year everyone. Just because the new year has started doesn’t mean you must reinvent yourself. If you just stay true to who you promised you’d become I know you’ll be fine, good luck in 2015 with whatever goals you may pursue.


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