Doorway Warrior

That door,
it didn’t slam in your face,
because the doorway warrior
had held it in place.

That moment,
you saw,
the door slowly shutting,
whilst slowly through corridors,
your posse were strutting,
it waited.


like manners were something
worth an eternity,
or just a smile.
A ‘hey, its been a while.’

Anything, please,
we’ve been silent for weeks,
but they walk right on by,
and I’m trying to speak,
reaching out to her
but I’m muted.

The doorway warrior,
is hard to ignore,
he does you a favour,
expects nothing more,
than a thank you,
from strangers,
a good day to you sir
but he still feels lonely
As he holds it for ‘her’.

~ Andrew
As someone who holds doors open a lot I notice a lot of people don’t say a word, as if they expect you to hold the door out of duty to them.
As always (for the second time) I’m linking a past poem, the one you just read was cheerful, here’s the me on the other side of positivity:ย – I try to at least find a small connection between the poem I link and the one you’ve just read, I hope you enjoy them both.

15 responses to “Doorway Warrior

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  3. I totally agree Andrew…it seems the past 2-3 generations feel a ‘sense of entitlement’. I wonder if my genertation indulged them too much. My Father came to Canada with clothes on back & worked hard for what we had. I never felt entitled to anything & was grateful…..
    I don’t think I spoiled my Niece or my stepsons. They knew the value of a dollar (pound) & that we earned that money…..again things have changed tho’.
    Manners too are out the window. It is so easy to say ‘Please’ & “Thank You’. *sighs*

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    • Manners still mean something to me but I don’t think society functions that way anymore, more of a take what’s on offer because it’s there attitude so no one is grateful for anything


  4. Wonderfully written! I’m so glad the “boys” shared the link to your blog on “their” blog. It is sad that so many people don’t even bother with a simple thank-you for a kindness shown. I’ll remember your poem the next time that happens to me.

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  5. Well done Andrew! I loved everything you have here – read them all…..beautifully penned and with real FEELING……my Mom and I especially enjoyed the piggy poem as it was quite sweet but all your work is excellent.

    Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom)

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    • Thank you, I’m glad my writing was able to put a smile on your face. To a poet that is one of the greatest things I can do and it brings me great joy when people enjoy what I write ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I so understand what you are saying..a lovely poem that explains the rudeness of some people perfectly! my three sons ALL get the same thing..but they cannot stop holding doors open…it is the way they were bought up. So your Doorway Warrior is not alone. btw we loved the poem you did for the boys blog ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs Fozziemum

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    • Thank you,
      As someone who also suffered the way my Doorway Warrior does I understand the nature of manners, no matter how rude people are there will always be those kind enough to give a few seconds of their day for the convenience of another.
      I’m glad you liked the poem I wrote, it was my first attempt from a guinea pig’s perspective.


      • Andrew you did the boys proud! and yes..i=my boys will keep doing it..they are much older than you but still keep using their kindness ..despite the rude peeps they come across..because kindness is contagious…eventually it is returned! ๐Ÿ™‚ Fozziemum x


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