It Doesn’t Add Up

I could count up my friends on my fingers,
I could count my success on my thumbs,

I could count self esteem without doing a thing,
I could count my despair as it comes.

I’ll equate my emotions, all totalling why?
Why did this happen to me?

I’m broken apart and a little divided,
decided I couldn’t be free.

The remainder of me, contains memories,
of the pain that I still remember

The hurt in my head makes me better off dead,
but I know I can never surrender.

My inner demons multiply,
my angels voice a cry

as reason fades my mind persuades
my soul to say good-bye.

~ Andrew
I think this went up on my facebook account but I want all my poetry to be available via my blog so here it is 🙂 Full of maths puns and stuff. I also wrote A Poem About Nothing which is another deep insightful poem though with a lighter tone, this one ends rather shockingly and abruptly. I was going to write a poem today but I discarded about 20 different poems so I needed to pass the time with a previously unseen poem for the blog, sorry! 🙂 Have a great day and thank you for reading


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