I’ve never seen anything
quite like her eyes,
the dark in this room,
is a perfect disguise
the awkward glances I throw
Staying out of the light,
so my face doesn’t show.

She’s into me..
I rush to conclusions
but illusions cast by my misguided mind
Create maps to the treasures
you never can find.
I don’t do ‘happy’ I tell her,
the honest words dampen
the fire that ignited, a love, unrequited
to seal my fate…

A question,
a final chance
she asks for a favour,
can I write her a song?
Inject a positive flavour?
I’m speechless, lips bitten,
to hide my delight,
as she stands up to leave me
I whisper ‘good night’

A night filled with joy
can be dampened like sponge..
a silent disaster, an aqueous plunge..
I take a chance, there’s a seat at the table
the seat where I’ve sat all week is by her
as I take up position I begin to infer,
by her awkward side glances,

I’m not welcome here..
but I’ve done it
too late
I’m a victim to fear
A silence,
so loud,
it deafens and breaks
as I sit by this girl
my heart shudders and quakes.
In my pocket a verse
written late in the night.
But I get up and leave
holding on out of fright.

Weeks pass..
still I dream, of what could have been
though deep in my heartbreak
I know she’s a snowflake
that realized so soon she was beautifully made
and back to the corner, I sat in the shade..
She’ll find love,
find a suitor
I’ll waste years
on computer
all just to forget
A regret. not reminiscent
as it plays out in my head daily,
an echo, not long finished,
but the pain has diminished,
to a whisper…

~ Andrew
More writers block problems.
Today’s recommended blast from the past is: Footsteps of a Broken Man

I chose this because it was actually written at the time in which this memory was formed… so it’s rather an echo of emotion that I associate to the girl in the poem.
Sorry the post was a little rushed today, I was so caught up in a conversation with someone my poem was utter garbage and I had to finish this one (I started it just before new year).


9 responses to “Whisper

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  8. Andrew if this is utter garbage I would love to read a treasure! LOL…
    Your writing is crisp & clean & I can so totally relate to what your wrote here. Love lost….wanting to reach out but being too scared….been there & done that….
    This is a diamond of a poem!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I didn’t feel the poem worked for what I wanted it to because it was based on something very personal so the message was a little hard to convey. That being said I did write a poem for the girl in question, needless to say she wasn’t interested in it


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