I love it when it’s simple,
all those one word texts you send,
make conversation short and sweet,
complete the social trend.
Of grunting in agreement,
and grunting in dismay,
a huff that means ‘I love you’
and another means ‘good day’

If I wanted complication,
an invitation to say more,
I could give an indication,
with the grunts that I adore.

Conversing must be better
for the children of today,
no need to write a letter,
when you’ve got no more to say,
than L-O-L or O-M-G or L-M-F-A-O,
I must admit it’s plain to see,
how little children know.

~ Andrew
Just a poem taking a did at kids with their text speak. I’ll admit it’s useful but sometimes I find it a bit silly how many acronyms now exist for the most random of phrases. Anyway ‘c u 2morro’ for another poem, in the meantime feel free to take a look at Yolo a post from a few days ago where I was taking the mickey out of slang again :p

6 responses to “Simplicity

  1. Andrew not only a lighthearted poem but a truly real topic. I was born in an age of radio & telephone only. We had to write letters to keep in touch. Things have progressed in some ways since then. Certainly there has been alot of changes since even my teen years. I DO love emailing people & I love blogging but I still love to write ‘old fashioned’ letters & cards.
    I use Acronyms too however only online not when I write actual letters.
    I wonder if in 20 years anyone will know how to write a letter???

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    • I use acronyms when talking to friends but I try to write normally, especially when sending a text or a reply.
      I can appreciate that a lot has changed since I was born in the 90s and that has made me quite grateful for what I do have. I seem to be one of the very few people to acknowledge there was a time before internet and that our parents made it through school without Google 🙂


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