Double Negative

I’m often called a pessimist,
I see the worst in things,
I’m patiently awaiting
whatever doomsday brings,
but she is also negative,
she’s picture perfect, thus,
our minus signs can cancel out,
two negatives make ‘plus’.

She wakes up every morning,
as if it were her last,
whilst I awake to sweet daybreak,
forget the night has passed.
She smiles to the mirror,
but she hates the smile back,
I often frown, when feeling down,
my nerves under attack.

I conquered fear, she conquered me,
I lift my cloak, so she can see,
The scars made by society,
we’re not the same variety,
as every person,
every soul,
and every dream,
for every goal.

we’re backwards thinking,
late night drinking.
She is my saviour,
strange behaviour,
lying in between the sheets,
I’m not like all the guys she meets,
I’ve not not got the words to say,
to make her say she’ll not not stay,
the night skies turn so not not grey,
but she will brighten up my day.

~ Andrew
A few double negatives at the end, felt they did the theme justice but I’m open to criticism as people may think they’re irrelevant. Anyway, this one has back story because I was feeling really down and I was talking to someone else who wasn’t that happy, together we both felt a lot better about things but the person in the poem is not the person I was talking to, otherwise yeah.. sex in poems :p

Today’s past post recommendation shall be: Fated Lovers
It’s similar in the sense it’s about finding someone you connect with but it’s different because it’s a more positive outlook on the people in question, though the loneliness of the persona could be considered negative. Anyway, it’s not my finest poem, being a year old it falls in the category of ‘Poems written by Andrew in under 10 minutes’ when a lot of my rhymes were more forced and I stuck to a very regular structure.


2 responses to “Double Negative

    • Thank You! I would love to get my poetry published but I can’t see a career in poetry down the road, it’s something I personally craft and I held it back for months because I was afraid to share it


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