Killing Time

The hours slowly ticking by,
It’s getting close to half past five,
I’m patient but about to cry,
just waiting for her to arrive.

She’s late, I think,
I grab my phone,
I play my songs
and stand alone,

I’m waiting,
waiting more,
The empty bench
with strange allure,
I wander over,
take a seat,
and wonder if
I’ll ever meet,
the girl I met,
one time before.
The one I hoped,
I could adore,
and she could end
these empty days,
where time is slow,
and silence preys,
upon my weakness,
ticking hands,
A realm that
no one understands.
And still I wait,
with time stood still.
Forever having,
time to kill.

~ Andrew
One of my biggest weaknesses is punctuality. I’m terrible with deadlines and will push them as close as I can before getting the work done, but when it comes to arriving when I said I would arrive, I’m always half an hour early. Going to link this to another recent poem: Doorway Warrior because it runs true that I am a punctual, door holding, socially awkward poet and these two are just a few examples of that in action.


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