Share it with you

I know it isn’t ‘something’
I know it isn’t there,
but all I know is loving,
and you love it when I care.

So love is what I give you,
It’s a gift that’s rather rare,
it’s pricier than diamond,
but it’s easier to share.

There is a gift that only you,
Will be able to receive,
it’s called my love, my love is true,
if only you’d believe,

as the crazy antics
of hopeless romantics,
and all I put you through
come crashing down,
like dressing gowns,
to share my love with you.

~ Andrew
A cute poem about love. I can’t say it’s personal but then again it kind of is because the persona seems to be the one doing the loving even though it can be interpreted as there being a connection between the two already. The latter is the more intended meaning but I relate more to my own anecdote :p
As for another poem worth reading I have to go with: What Colour Is Rejection? which I have tweaked since writing it and will be publishing a group of older tweaked poems sometime in the future (perhaps as a thing for the weekends where I post and then link to the updated post otherwise people who only view the recent posts will miss out).
I went for this because my other choice (which I’m linking anyway ;)) – Intim(id)ate – is quite a recent poem and I want to get out of the habit of just showing you things I wrote last week (as I think I have done on 2 or 3 poems this week).
2 Poems in one day, please check them both out 🙂


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