One Night Stand

That evening we were perfect,
The whole world in our hands,
but little did I know,
that I was just a one night stand.

You never gave a compliment,
You never spoke a word,
just nodded in my company,
I don’t think that you heard,
when I said that I love you,
not quite Casanova yet,
and although you left me lonely,
last night I won’t forget.

I woke up with a buzzing,
excited for the day,
but come the eve you did deceive,
my perceptions led astray.

Another day has passed
and I’m afraid you’re gone for good.
Perhaps it’s better for me,
to end this where it should.
But still I feel empty,
I’m yearning for a heart,
that cannot live without me,
that will never be apart.

~ Andrew
Taking loneliness to a new level right now. Not really much to say other than I hope you enjoyed it. I’m going to link this to a recent post as I feel that a lot of people missed it for one reason or another, anyway, it’s the first post from yesterday and it rings true that both poems are about love and both are about being left alone: Killing Time


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