Me and My World

Do not blame me,
I am not the catalyst,
I was not the spark,
I was not the candle,
to be blown out in the dark.

I’m not the weakest link,
to this never ending chain,
of how we live and how we think,
It’s all inside the brain.
The pain and hurt and suffering,
and I’m not the one to blame.

I cannot fix your problems,
if you say that I am one,
I am not the madman,
killing innocents with guns.
I’m not the rich
the powerful,
I do not hold the key,
I cannot fix the problem,
if you say that it is me.

This world is broken,
it’s a mess
but all the same,
we are all put in the same disaster.
I’m not the one to blame.

I’ll fix it up,
but not alone,
though alone is all I know,
I’m not the one who has it all,
but I’ll damn well have a go.
I ask for your assistance,
fix this world, my world and yours,
we’ll fix the wound that bleeds our pain,
that society ignores.

~ Andrew
I know how small I am in the universe. I feel even smaller in my own home. I just want to fix the problems of the world and written word seems to be the only time I get anything right. I’m only right when I write :p
Have a look at: Finding Peace it’s a depressingly short poem but it’s about finding peace so it kinda goes with this one. If you go there as a result of this poem, please critique the poem and tear it to pieces, I don’t like it but reading it back I feel whatever was going on at the time must have caused me to write in this manner. I guess I just wish I had been better at poetry 12 months ago :p

10 responses to “Me and My World

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  3. It is hard to define ‘wha tis right’ I think. each generation have their own ideas/ideals.
    I am not a fan of war but w/out the Allies coming to the Jews & all the persecuted peoples’ aid during WW11…my Father would have perished along with the rest of his family & I would not be here. All because he was born a Jew… one has the right to kill another because of their religion/color of skin/ sexual persuasion. As terrorism rises the Jews in France & other countries are now afraid again & that frightens me.
    How do we stop madmen??

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      • Easier said then done I think Andrew. I read Hitler’s story & his Mother had NO idea her son would grow up to be a maniac. She did not provide a stable home for him tho & his Father abandoned him…not that this excuses his cruelty. It does explain he had some deep seated issues & rage tho’.
        Then again MANY people are abandoned by 1 or both parents & manage to grow up w/out killing 6 million people 😉

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  5. To my mind the ultimate ‘problem’ is that a person or group of people decide their way is the RIGHT way; the ONLY way….they go for control….all WARS are about controlling others. Even today’s wars around the world are about control & having power over others & saying one religion is right & the rest are wrong.
    I wonder how we; ordinary people can combat such narrowmindedness & aggression?
    Where I live we just got a Muslim Temple & many people are thinking there will be ‘terrorists’ coming to town. I try to tell them the Muslims who are already here are not bad people; they are just like us…..
    Fear isolates us from each other for sure!

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  6. Hello Andrew what a poem! I felt exactly like this is the 70’s…for real!!!
    We had the Viet Nam war going on & as much as we were all peace loving ‘hippies’ we were terrified our world was coming apart. After all the 2nd World War had only ended in 1945 & my Father was a Holocaust survivor.
    Now with terrorism & all these Extremist groups thew rold has become a scary place again. Great! I did not help did I??
    Do not be afraid…we can not give in to fear…..

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