Gone but not forgotten,
I’ve got that in reverse,
no one seems to know me
only making matters worse.
Forgotten by the ones who lie,
and claim that they are loyal.
The up tight snobs, and wild mobs,
the louts, the plebs, the royal.
I want to leave a message,
for the world after the tone.
Please ring again, I don’t care when,
I’ve been living all alone

~ Andrew

We all feel alone sometimes, some of us just want to be remembered.. I guess we just have to keep going until everyone can hear us though. All my poems link to this feeling at their core so I’m going to link up Whisper 🙂


20 responses to “Alone

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  4. A good idea to not ‘expect’ to win; just see what happens. You are right to look towards the future.
    Have you ever gone to any ‘poetry nights’ or ‘poetry slams’?? Youd’ ROCK any event for sure! I remember when I used to inspire people…and publish….long ago…

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  6. Hello Andrew I am back online!
    Your writing IS thought provoking. In all honesty I have not been moved by anyone’s poetry in many years. Yours has touched me on so many levels. I seriously hope you will self publish…your understanding of Life is astounding (I mean that as a compliment)
    Thank you for sharing your poetry with the world.
    P.S. I am back online!!! Whoppee!!!! ;0

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    • I’m still just a teenager with a bit of an old fashioned hobby. I’m entering a poetry competition where if I feature inside the top 3 (or even get commended) I’ll have the money to put towards maybe doing some publishing but for now I think I’m content just sharing my poems and growing an audience who enjoy what I write.

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      • You’re a VERY articulate teenager…I went to your Gravatar to see your age! WOW…at this age my writing was not this sophisticated at all…
        I am hoping for you Andrew…I bet you win 1st or 2nd…I am sure of it…
        I am so glad you are sharing your poetry here; you are an inspiration to me!

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      • Thank you. I’m not expecting to win with all the other people in the competition but to get noticed would be immense and would aid in my university course for certain. To inspire just a few people is what makes writing so worthwhile.

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  7. Love this poem; I feel like this where my family are concerned. Utterly alone!
    Plus laptop is in the repair shop so I have not been able to visit anyone. (On a friend’s at the moment).
    I have missed reading your poetry & if I get back online I shall try to catch up…
    Sherri-Ellen (not feeling lonely when connected to here)

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    • I hope you can connect to everyone again soon. I know how lonely it can get when everyone seems to be elsewhere. I’m glad you enjoy my poetry so much, it’s really motivating to know that my poems are provoking thoughts

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