Total Eclipse of the Gun

She didn’t see the bullet,
She didn’t hear the gun,
He didn’t wait to see the body,
in the rising sun.

The red sunrise awakens,
The world to what he did,
an innocent was killed tonight,
left her husband and her kid.

The gun he used was loaded once,
but once was all it took,
to blacken out her eyes and then
abruptly end her book.

A murderer is twice as cold,
as any planet lost in space.
which blocks the sun, eclipses the gun,
and doesn’t wait to see the face.

~ Andrew
I haven’t posted one of my dark and depressing poems in a while because I’ve been trying to capture heartbreak and loneliness instead. I’ll send you way back to Familiar Faces which is a fairly dark poem also.

5 responses to “Total Eclipse of the Gun

  1. I see where the inspiration comes from Andrew. I watch ALOT of British drama (including Coronation Street) & the ‘estates’ are always portrayed as rather sad places with poor people just struggling to get by (& worse).
    Your poem is so raw & stark; I could feel the pain….

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    • I don’t like going into graphic details when I write, I may do, but I’d need a parental advisory content or something, warn away people who are squeamish. Pain is something that doesn’t need to be described in depth because we all feel it.

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      • I understand!
        The human experieince shows we usually ‘know’ the depth of pain & loss…
        There is not much I have not experieinced in my Life…but I do not share it often. 😉


    • Thankfully times have moved forwards but it’s always dark on the estate I live on so I’m free to conjure up a whole host of imaginary stories, this is one of the first non-personal experiences I’ve posted this year I think

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