Forced Rhyme

A rhyme should flow as simply,
as the line in which its found.
A poem shouldn’t compromise,
the rhythm for a sound.

If you find a rhyme not working,
find a sound that’s just too long,
rewrite the stanza, cut the line,
it’s better to be wrong,

and doubt yourself,
for all your words,
find better words to say,
or say it truly,
from the heart,
the line will be okay.

A poem isn’t ruined,
by a rhyme that isn’t there,
we are the words that found the paper,
words we wish to share.

I’ve found it easy rhyming,
But I cringe when someone tries,
to a force a rhyme, poetic crime,
use free verse otherwise.

Another poem expressing the ways in which poets think. I really need to create an organised collection of my poetry for love/heartbreak and such.. my rambling thoughts still seem to be spilling out even now. Have a wonderful day 🙂
Past Reading: Poet – Really worth a read if you’re a poet yourself, just a thought 🙂


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