how this vexing mind
grinds my gears.
rearranging ideas.
Fixed, like time,
yet free as the birds,
annoying, destroying,
the truth in my words.
living in constant denial.
Faking his knowledge,
with an unknowing smile.

I cannot outwit you,
for you have no wits to ‘out’,
You try to hide lies,
but you’re living in doubt.
You want to be right,
but the truth you deceive,
makes you ignorant,
stupid, annoying, naive.

~ Andrew
Aimed at people who don’t respond to any opinions that aren’t their own. It’s about time the world embraced all the things it seems to refuse to. Whether it is religion vs atheism (both sides need to accept the other) or straight vs gay (I’m sickened by the amount of homophobic people still wandering around).
Try reading: Me and My World if you haven’t already done so 🙂


One response to “Ignorant

  1. Fab poem Andrew. I so agree with people & their ignorance. It is amazing how in 2015 society seems to be going backwards rather than forewards…
    Thankfully we were not raised to be prejudicied or biased!


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