Predator of Love

I’m not an expert in seismology,
but when my knees are shaking,
like an elephant aboard cocktail sticks,
I know we need to mix.
To shake things like a smoothie in a blender,
spend a minute or two,
writhing under the covers,
as lovers do.
And the winds of a tornado
are not nearly as fast,
as the category five bedroom,
that I know will never last,
but tonight, when I am yours, you are mine
and our bodies intertwine,
I am calm.
Like a volcano,
but the eruption will come,
to some,
it’s a danger,
to others,
a sign,
but if showing my love,
is overstepping the line,
tell me.
I’ll stop like a wave,
breaking on shore,
If I bore or ignore,
if you’re left wanting more,
push me away,
I’m okay
I’m a loving disaster,
the master of ‘hey.’
cleverly crafted compliments
that I paint in your ears,
an elegant art,
but I start with your fears.
Tell you I’m deadly,
a snake in the grass,
you’d pass up the offer,
but I reach for your ass,
and slowly I touch you,
indescribably slow,
like a cold winter’s bite,
you are frozen like snow.
And slowly seducing,
reducing defences
we wander away,
facing sweet consequences.
A night with a lady,
is a night in the dark,
adventure and danger,
your body will ark,
We try all the things,
that your body allows,
you tell me you love me,
all but saying your vows
But it’s over, it’s done
and our contract expires,
A lion of loving,
That preys on desires.

~ Andrew
I have no personal experience of being a pimp of course. But I can see things through others eyes and it often makes me a little jealous because I only see the positives but I’m sure there are plenty of downsides to sleeping with everything that moves.

None of my other poems really connect with this one so I’ll go for the other end of the spectrum: Alone


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