True Lust

one way like a river.
the words: ‘I can deliver’
Knowing she’s gone.
But still holding on.
Throwing, your emotions,
into dirty oceans
and still,
the tides wash in.

the weakness you show,
your tales of woe.
Waiting for yes,
accept nothing less,
Debating decisions,
and awkward collisions.
And the waves recede again.

not to cry,
to be ‘that guy’
Burning with passion
as love is in fashion
Turning to trust
as you find your true lust,
is an ocean that never runs dry.

~ Andrew
For those of us who found our love was unrequited. Whisper is another one for people like me, it’s a lot more personal and is done in a less comfortable style, I hope you find it as enjoyable as I found writing it (It was a huge weight off my shoulders to post something personal and get rid of the burden of regret). Thanks for reading, don’t forget to follow the blog and like and stuff 🙂 (Copying what everyone on youtube does at the end of their videos).


3 responses to “True Lust

  1. I hear you Andrew…in my case I finally did ‘get’ the bloke but he was a ‘player’ & had no loyalty to his fiance/wife & can you imagine he was going to travel over 300 miles to spend a weekend with me & he is married??? (That was in 2010).
    I used to have to ‘explain’ things to myself daily; after I found out the truth I realized I no longer needed to do that.
    He still tries to contact me but I just block him….he has never found the blog (that I am aware of & IF he did I would SPAM him anyway!!!)
    Such is Life…..


  2. Andy Rock = Pure Lust…..I had a MAJOR crush on this bloke all thru High School. We hung out together as his parents ran a burger & chip restaurant. They adored me & I always got free chips. They nagged him to go out with me.
    After 4 long years we did go out on a date & I kissed him in the field by my house…..he got away….fast forward 8 years later we met again & THEN we ‘hooked up’….I was married (I was wrong to do that) & thought Andy was single until he introduced me to his ‘fiance’…I ended things then.
    4 years ago guess who showed up on FB ‘wooing’ me??? I checked his FB page & ‘friends’ & there was the ‘fiance’ who became his wife & their 2 grown children…..
    Unrequited became jaded I can tell you. I blocked him.
    Lesson learned 😉

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