I got a couple friends,
in a bundle deal, see.
They were four for two,
I thought they knew
I wanted company.

But slowly they grew distant,
as they slipped out of my life,
They split my mind,
and redefined,
The origin of strife.

They left me quite conflicted,
and though six months ticked away,
when one returned,
I said I’d learned,
to keep myself at bay.

I knew I wasn’t happy,
but their presence wasn’t right,
It was their rejection
of my affection,
that kept me up at night.

The moral of this story,
is don’t try to win me back,
I’m broken down,
I’d rather drown,
in the company I lack.

~ Andrew
A bit of a personal story of how people think they can just come back to me. Nope. If you desert me, you’re on your own without at least an apology of some kind. A short poem: Friend is a good one to relate to this one, because it is about actually having friends 🙂


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