Gone but not Frogotten

To us his name was Freddo,
to you his name is frog,
and though he might be speckled
he did not sit on a log.

He didn’t jump into the pool,
he froze in it instead,
and now my buddy Freddo,
lies in frozen waters, dead.

A friend to all who knew him,
no one ever called him rotten,
my childhood, did all he could,
he’s gone but not frogotten.

~ Andrew
Funny and sad story about our childhood, we had a frog who lived and hopped around our garden, one morning we went out to see him and it was ice cold and he’d frozen in a bucket of water 😦 It was funny that we named him but it was kinda sad to lose him because the garden wasn’t actually very interesting and it gave us a reason to go out there.

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