Every stare,
there’s something there.
But there isn’t.

wasting days,
wasting feelings,
finding ways,
wasting breath
just to amaze.
But falling short.

I try once more,
but I don’t know what
I’m trying for.

by a girl who doesn’t care,
doesn’t want me,
doesn’t share.
My emotional dependence,
from the beauty of her stare.

I’ve been writing a longer poem in preparation for doing some spoken word poems for people (which I will post to the blog) but it’s taking some time so I hope that a less impressive love poem is okay.
This shares similar emotional background with ‘Whisper


5 responses to “Companion

  1. The bloke I knew did this on purpose. He had alot of power…well I GAVE him that power because I was young & naive. Even in my 20’s I was still naive & driven by emotions I did not have control of….
    Mercifully when the bloke tried it on with me a few years back online I was no longer naive & caught on quickly & nipped it in the bud.
    I took MY power back & you know I ‘got over’ that bloke instantly….
    Lesson learned (finally) 😉


  2. Remember I told you about the bloke from High school who always blew me off until in my mid 20’s he fancied me & helped to destroy my 2nd marriage. This poem is that BLOKE to a “TEE”…It took me years to ‘get over’ his initial rejection & then his subsequent betrayal when I came face to face with his ‘fiance’ who he married (I did not warn her).
    He tried in 2009-10 to come up to ‘visit’ me not telling me he was STILL married to the woman from all those years ago. At least I caught him out b4 he showed up here & I made a further fool of myself!
    TOE RAG seems an appropriate name for the bloke….

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