One Hundred And One Damnations

My first spoken word poem. God I am scared sharing this :/

Original Poem:

One hundred and one damnations,
words, written in my mind.
Bastard, burden, bender, broken,
beaten, bloodied, blind.

Virgin, as if it matters,
Nerd, as if I care,
Gay, as if it’s still a crime,
Useless, standing there.
Misfit, never quite a match,
Loner, never speaking,
Worthless, with no purpose.
Desperate, always seeking.
Emo, blackened hair and fringes,
Goth, depressed and broken,
Ghost, with skin as pale as snow
Mute, with no words spoken.
Creep, he stalks the hallways,
Freak, he stands by walls,
Pathetic, got no courage,
Weakling, ‘got no balls’.
Nothing, not just zero,
Pest, a bug to splat,
Bitch and not the puppy dog.
Pussy, not the cat.
Ugly, both in face and heart,
Cripple, can’t fight back,
Dirty, can’t afford the best,
Coward, won’t attack.
Tubby, wants to be a model
Faggot, often cries,
Moron, couldn’t stand the pressure,
Introvert still lies.
Dyke, would like to be accepted,
Stoner wants to quit.
Dumbass wants to learn to read whilst
Punch bag takes a hit.
Rat is growing older,
Larry loner, making friends,
Wanker still feels insecure,
Whore’s heart never mends.
Fuck up never understood,
Mistake fears that’s the truth,
Mummy’s boy, tries to destroy and
Orphan hates his youth.
Slut slept with a player,
Cow was in the right,
Retard doesn’t want to smile,
Geek won’t stand and fight.
Fake still hates the mirror,
Lezzie still hates the word,
Angry hates to see his mates,
Timid hates being heard.
Strange tries to be normal,
Odd ball does the same,
Two faced died to rumours,
Fatty died to shame,
Awkward wants a better life,
Failure wants a yes,
Queer still hears their voices,
Stupid wants success.
Dick head tries to smile,
Special tends to frown,
Hopeless lacking self esteem,
Minger, looking down.
Dork stopped watching Star Trek,
Tight-Ass never told,
Dweeb still struggles talking,
Tell-tale was too bold.
Tramp was always crying,
Flat Chest’s tears remain,
Tiny grew the biggest heart,
Doormat feels his pain.
Wimp was never mighty,
Meat-head wasn’t scared,
Pig was never ugly,
Lug was unprepared.
Monkey couldn’t stand it,
Prick just tried to hide
Turd hid in the restroom.
Twat lost all his pride.
Windbag keeps his silence,
Tosser never did.
Hoser hates his father.
Loser has a kid.
Half wit went to uni,
Floozy got employed,
Chicken stood for what was right,
Sap is paranoid.
Bimbo works in retail,
Dingus works in France,
Hooker loves her husband,
Slag, no second chance.
Heartless works for charity,
Clutz stacks shelves till late,
Butt munch has friends true and good,
Sissy doesn’t hate.
Muffin top just couldn’t stop and
Ginger dyed his hair,
Chink you think would be okay,
St.. St.. Stutter, so unfair.
Pervert wasn’t staring.
Midget stares at skies,
Lanky hangs his head in fear,
Popper, tops and dies.

But worse than all these
spiteful names,
worse than all these
bitter claims,
the worst and cruellest name of all



14 responses to “One Hundred And One Damnations

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  5. Your first spoken word poem? I would not have guessed. I cannot profess to know much about poetry, but I enjoyed it. Made me think of 2 things: 1) everything always sounds better with a British accent and 2) the song ’88 lines about 44 women’ (you may be too young to know that one)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Sandy, I can’t help the accent but I’ll gradually start to add intonation and emotion to my voice because this one was very down to earth and serious. I’m afraid I don’t know the song but I’ll look it up, might inspire more poetry.


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