I feel like I’m a keyboard,
just tap, tap, tap away,
good for something,
loved for nothing,
typing day by day.

Words in rhythm,
words in rhyme,
words and letters,
filling lines,
and essays too,
and poetry
I share with you.

But all I have is nothing.
All I am is nothing more,
All I get, is shame,
of things I’ve done before.

But hand in hand.
We take our stand,
united by our keys,
As words we say,
we hope one day,
will prove we aim to please,

And help remove,
the bitter hate,
the words that break our city.
The kinder souls,
will kill the trolls,
and share with them no pity.

The warriors of laptops,
and desktops shall unite.
To give a sign to worlds on-line,
of what is wrong and right.

~ Andrew
No real back story, just a bit of a poem about the power of the internet and how those who make a difference on-line often go unnoticed. Again it does rather stem from the anti bullying video which has 7 million views because right now the only thing I can think about is trying to change the world.
One Hundred and One Damnations : My spoken word poem if you didn’t see it yesterday
A follow up to ‘Gamer Life‘ if you will, Gamer Life I deemed wasn’t of a high enough standard so you can judge this against it if you want.

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