Over Your Shoulder

It’s behind you,
Watching while you’re sleeping.
Condemning your mind,
but only your own.
The voices you hear,
when you answer the phone,
and there’s nobody there,
there’s no answer, no greeting.
You’re all by yourself,
and your mind needs defeating.
That thing over your shoulder,
is you.
Don’t turn. Do not see face to face,
the demon behind
that you tried to replace.
Faster, faster. You are your own master,
your choices that chase you,
that try to erase you,
will tire.
I cannot run your marathon,
but I am running one too,
my demons grow daily,
my mistakes, old and new.
Forwards, not back.
Follow the pavement,
follow the track.
The demons over your shoulder,
breathe down your neck,
And the shivers grow colder.
they taunt you and haunt you,
but you won’t take this much longer,
don’t turn and confront them,
you must prove you’ve grownΒ stronger.

~ Andrew
Reflective mood tonight. Been a bit dry in the poetic well today to be honest, mind off in its own little world aha. This is for all the people who have regrets that are moving on though. I’ve got mine, you’ve got yours, it’s about not looking back on them though.
On the subject of looking back, that’s what a reflection does, and wow, this poem is about reflections :p: Cracks in the MirrorΒ hehe. Clever connection is clever πŸ˜€

33 responses to “Over Your Shoulder

      • During my teen years at home with the CRAZIES (Mom/stepDad) I wrote alot of my poetry while in the bathtub having my evening soak…(Try not to get a visual on that! It would be scary!)
        Seriously just being in the water calmed me down enough the words just flowed out (no pun intended).
        The Crazies would be downstairs in Rec Room watching the telly & I would take my notebook & pens in with me to the bath.
        As crazy as my Mother was, she really thought me cool for being able to compose poetry in the bathroom. I graduated to writing alot of poetry by the Lake or the River….it seems water helps the creative process…

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      • Water has the opposite effect on me, not being able to swim has never helped but I just don’t like being around water, it scares me (deep water mostly).
        I write best when I’m on my own, but that’s just about the only condition I have for writing.

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  1. I can not figure people out at times (even at my advanced age, lol).
    My neighbor who is supposed to be ‘a friend’ will not take me in her car to do any errnads. She has never even offered to go for coffee yet she brings me grocery items or choccie from her place of work. My friend upstairs had to be bribed to take me anywhere….I usually have to stump up for coffee if I want/need a ride. the friend who blew me off KNOWS about the 2 freinds in the building so that bugged me even more…..she is no better…in a sense; worse as I have no expectations of help from the 2 in building.
    What it comes down to for me is I have to use the Mobility Transit more & not expect that my ‘friends’ want to go out with me…I am actually alot of fun to hang out with…so it would be their loss πŸ˜‰

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  3. Ah that is the trick….to find a fulfilling career/job you can do & flourish at & continue to learn & grow (intellectually).
    Are there any services there that help youth look into different careers & jobs? We had a program here yrs ago. I went thru it @ 17 & the result was I should have an APIARY>>> Be a bee keeper…yeah right! The girl who is somewhat allergic & quite frightened off buzzing insects, ROFWL!!!!!

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    • I get plenty of advice from people around me on the way I should be living but if I spend a lot of time at my computer and I enjoy doing what I do on the computer then surely it’s a logical conclusion that my dream career would be in computing. Well, it seems obvious, but some still think I’m just going to spend hours gaming.

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      • Logical indeed! I say “Go for it!”
        Funny how peole assume you are gaming…
        You know I have ‘friends’ here who think my blogging is a waste of time….mind you they gamble or play games on PC all day. Live & let live I say…
        At least what I do is creative & I have fun an enjoy meeting new people. Plus I get to read others blogs & poetry. I have made some seriously GOOD friends on WordPress here…people who helped with Nylablue’s Vet bills & actually called me to chat!
        I even have a friend in UK who calls once a month & we have lovely chats…

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  4. I used to be like that. Ok I still DO have days like that!
    One thing I focus on is the good stuff in the day; i even write out a list if necessary.
    So even on my worst pain filled can’t hardly walk to the bathroom & back I am grateful for things like: my new catboy Siddhartha; being able to blog; friends on WP; people who call during the day; a treat I might have…anything that puts a smile πŸ™‚ on my face! I refuse to let some ‘wanker(s)’ ruin my day…
    I went thru that last Summer with destruction of patios/tree removal here. It was a nightmare. I spent ALOT of time on WP & it helped to refocus on something positive……
    Sorry I sound like a know-it-all, hahahaha!

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    • I try not to let people ruin my day but there are always the ones who unintentionally succeed in doing so.
      Being a know-it-all is something I aim to be, whether it be showing off my vast vocabulary or just generally knowing something that others don’t, not something I get often at a school for smart kids

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      • There is an old saying, “We are as happy as we make our minds up to be…”
        Not sure I totally agree with that but I DO know there are times I just have to let people’s actions roll off me & I can let things go. Other times well people’s behaviour does ruin up my day….
        Like when the Vet of 19 yrs dropped me from the practice w/out a ‘bye your leave’ & made me out to be the ‘bad guy’….That upset me for a whole week….I have finally let it go….it was very upsetting….
        LOL I love it: A Know-It-All> with your vocabulary & inner wisdom you are well on your way! πŸ˜‰


  5. Boy you have THAT right! I have details etched in my brain from years ago that I have not forgotten.
    I do not worry about the past. I have made amends to those I hurt. I have forgiven myself for the wrongs I had done.
    I only hope I never do those things again or hurt people I care about. Today is all I have….. πŸ˜‰

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      • πŸ˜‰ i sure do andrew…my trouble is health issues that keep me grounded alot now. I have to be aware that each day is a blessing even if I am unwell or am having mobility issues.
        I used to ‘give up’ on a bad day until I realized I could ‘start’ my day over again & go from that point. Usually that salvages the day πŸ˜‰

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  6. Oh Andrew I could tell you about regrets…when you get to be close to 60 there are alot. However I have learned alot from the regrets. I have learned to accept my Life as it is…its’ own history & never look back…
    (Sometimes there are whispers of memory & they REMAIN whispers)……
    I wish I could be here when you reach my age so we could compare notes again..

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    • Life writes its own book behind our backs, we just get to choose what gets written. I’m making mistakes now so I won’t make them when I’m older.
      Whispers are still there, it’s best to try shutting them up.
      Just take every day as it comes and don’t worry too much about the distant future, or the distant past for that matter.

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      • You are right Andrew…Life does write its own book whether we are aware of it or not. I made ALOT of mistakes in my youth; no regrets in that I learned alot. πŸ˜‰
        I do not allow the whipsers to be anything more than that. Worrying about the future is futile…I may live for many years or not. I do my very best to live in TODAY! The BEST day of all πŸ˜‰

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