Dear Confidence

Dear Confidence,

I’m writing a letter,
to help make things better
because we had a falling out.
I still doubt myself,
when I’m awake, when I dream,
when I’m low on self esteem,
because you’re not about.

If by now you do not know,
then I’ll give you the directions,
to build bridges when you’re broken,
as a token of affection.
I do not ask in return,
for you to stay by my side,
I don’t expect you to choose,
but I didn’t think you’d decide,
that a gift from the heart,
Would be enough to break the ties,
I was mistaken from the start,
you were nothing, without lies.

I do not know quite how to end this,

yours sincerely,
Forgotten Friend,
P.s I’m just a problem,
I’m a crack they cannot mend.

~ Andrew
I’ll tie this in to Whisper because they’re about people who just kind of went ‘poof’ out of my life and I gave up trying because they gave up trying too.


17 responses to “Dear Confidence

  1. Well said Andrew.
    I hear peopel say alot of things that they believe are ‘facts’ & are not.
    I had a big arguement about Barack Obama the President of the USA.
    The person said he was born in Africa & was NOT American. Told them that was incorrect. Literally had to research Obama online & send info to the people. He was born in Hawaii 2 years AFTER it became a State which made him American. Period. LOL.
    (Sometimes it is great to be right!)

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  2. See you ARE a good judge of character. The so called friends who drift away or out & out leave are not true friends. I have had that happen even a few years ago. I decided once one of these friends ‘started walking’ I’d just let them keep on walking….
    I have had a few friends who always seem to ‘show up’ when they need my advice (on their love lives or some such thing). They go on & on….I used to be so obliging & then when I would call for a word with them & they were ‘too busy’ I realized this was just not on.
    Now I do not even miss those people 😉

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      • Same here…I find some of my friends (of my age group) are rather narrow minded…well maybe tunnel vision is a better phrase. They have not travelled alot & have notions & ideas that are wrong. I try to educate w/out upsetting them but sometimes it is a lost cause.
        One friend here thinks ALL Muslims are mad terrorists. I mean REALLY has a ‘hate-on’ for Muslims. I asked her if she knew any personally? She said “Of course not as they are all bombers!!” I almost hyperventilated I was laughing so hard. Needless to say we do not talk about Muslim people anymore! (I DO have Muslim friends & they are normal people).
        Maybe there is something in this world that people feel they MUST be RIGHT??? Hmmmm….what do you think?


      • I think a lot of people refuse to budge on what they think is right, I have no quarrel with opinion, it’s when people state it as fact that I just think ‘you’re losing this battle by not being right’

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  3. That happens alot with groups of freinds. High school is a wild time of life. People are growing & changing or maybe not growing up so much.
    I always beleived a “TRUE” friend would stick with me no matter what; it did weed out the ‘fair weather’ friends I have to say!

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  4. When the awkwardness comes in I KNOW that means I have outgrown them.
    No one’s fault is right. People change; I change; we all change.
    The difficult thing is finding people willing to work at friendships or relationships. I find people are always in such a rush these days…do you find that too Andrew?

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    • I agree.. friendships seem to be a little frail these days. I’ve found friends that I want to hang around but sometimes our personalities just start to stray and we find more differences than similarities (finding myself feeling inspired to write about this one day but I may forget to)

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      • When I was in High School (about 100 yrs ago, lol) I joined the Poetry club & it was wonderful. Miss Millward & Mrs Boeckle my English teachers were fab & the others in the group were just like me! Of course once we were finished school we scattered like the wind but the memories are lovely.
        I was a ‘lone wolf’ otherwise. I floated from group to group. Welcome in all but I never found one to ‘belong’ to. so I’d hang out with the rich Jewish kids (I was a poor Jewish girl); the ‘Browners’ aka smart kids; the sports minded (as I was in Track & Field); the ‘Stoners’ (altho I wasn’t one) & the ‘Geeks’: the kids who were socially awkward & poor & lived in crappy places but had hearts of gold. I felt at ease with them & they with me even tho I was supposed not one of them.
        I am still a lone wolf altho’ a more ‘social’ lone wolf if that makes sense??

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      • It makes sense to me and I can relate quite well, I’m a lone wolf, welcome around many though never quite being one of them. I guess I just don’t have the capability to stick to one group after a few friends tore my last good friend group apart for their relationship which meant more to them than even keeping our company

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  5. Boy that is the theme of my life: friends; husbands; boyfriends; acquaintances I really like d& wanted as friends.
    In fact I have a few lady friends here now who fall into this category where they appear to be giving up & that makes me just want to give up to.
    I am reminded of the poem “A reason, a season or a lifetime”…it really makes sense. Plus I have found I have outgrown ALOT of so called friends. Plus new people always come into my life so that sort of even things out 😉

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