Socially Awkward

Yes. I am aware,
that I watch you from a distance
just to drop an awkward stare.
To awkwardly announce to you,
whilst awkwardly awaiting,
that introverted awkward greeting,
and yet I’m still debating,
The awkward way to awkwardly,
string sentences together,
I’m socially inadequate,
stuck in awkwardness forever.
Where awkward me
fits awkwardly,
like a puzzle, incomplete,
a missing word,
perhaps unheard,
I’m awkward nice to meet…

~ Andrew
So this is me in real life .-. Someone asked and I delivered. I guess it kinda goes with ‘Dear Confidence‘ in the whole self exploration idea


27 responses to “Socially Awkward

  1. I remember when I was told Poetry is a ‘dead art’…ohhh that made me furious!! Poetry is alive & well.
    As for people looking disinterested it is that they do not understand poetry. Many people are not disciplined enough to ‘read’ poetry you know…


  2. Well said Andrew…
    Yes Nylablue & Mingflower b4 her were my companions. We journeyed thru Life together. As I was unable to have children & am widowed twice having a cat is wonderful as I can be maternal (to a point) & have companionship that does not talk back…well in theory…Siamese & Burmese are VERY chatty….lol….
    None of my cats have replaced the others; rather they seem to open my heart more. Same with husbands. No one could understand why I remarried. I deired to share my Life with that ‘someone special’.
    I was to remarry again but things went terribly wrong. I decided to just ‘be’ with myself & see how it would work out. 9 years on my own & it is quite lovely at this point…

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  3. Thank you Andrew…I appreciate that. Nylablue was such a special cat to me. She & I went thru so much together….we bonded over me almost being killed in front of her & all her illnesses. So in many ways I WAS her Mum; always trying to protect her & heal her & nurse her back to health. We had 8 1/2 lovely years together… 🙂
    Sherri-Ellen aka Nylabluesmum

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      • When Nylablue came to me she was approx 5 yrs old & she was just sort of ‘orbited’ around me. After the assault she bonded with me. She had been abused (B4 me) & I had too. From that point on we were a team. I started blogging as her on another site but it was closing down so we came here & it was a wonderful 2 1/2 yrs of blogging until she was put to sleep last Nov. after being with me 8 1/2 yrs. I have so many memories of her & of the cat B4 her; Mingflower who was with me 18 1/2 yrs. The memories are precious for sure….
        Now I have adopted Purrince Siddhartha Henry the Burmese boy & we are making our own memories 😉

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  4. I used to write under a psuedonym years ago. Of course my friends in High School knew it was me. They enjoyed my writing which helped me continue on.
    When I was in College as mature student (34-39 yrs) I developed a crush on a professor there,,,,I used my psuedonym for the first 6-8 months & then one day Professor G.K. called me into his office & said he beleived I was “Iris Luke”…he had me! We did become friends & to this day we correspond via letters & emails. He even writes the odd poem too!

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  5. *shakes head in disbelief*
    You are so well versed & written it is hard to imagine you being a ‘nervous wreck’….(that is a compliment)….
    It DOES get easier as you get older…I was speaking to the young man in the corner shop & he is almost 20 years old & when he started there 3 yrs ago he did not say “Boo to a Goose”. Now we talk about all sorts: sports; music; family; animals. He has blossomed. He told me working int he shop helped him overcome his shyness….

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      • Good point; there is a certain anonymity here. Which is funny because we share alot of ourselves being here.
        It is good you think of your friends & the imapct of things said & also good you are careful to take care of yourself.
        I tended to blunder in where angels feared to go…sometimes I was not very popular. Diplomacy is still not one of my strong suite altho I am improving….

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      • I’ve given up on the anonymity side of things recently, what with sharing my poetry with my friends, but I figure that if people want to draw conclusions about me they might as well get the best impression of me possible, and for that, they need to see my poetry

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      • I am what I call an Extorverted Introvert. I took some classes in College in Public speaking & of course we had to do presentations. That brought me out of my shell alot.
        It is a matter of finding balance; knowing how to engage with others & being comfortable doing that….it takes time…..lots of time…

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  6. Your poetry shows you as anything but socially awkward Andrew!
    Reading this poem I thought of my ‘puppy love’ Wesley (who became my 1st husband). Boy he & i were the epitome of ‘socially awkward’…..
    Thank you for a great poem & stirring up some wonderful memories.

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