Pessimists and pedestrians

I look both ways,
on a one way street,
I cross with my mind,
before I cross with my feet.
I map out my path,
to be safe when I cross,
Whilst watching fools run,
without giving a toss.
But I know why they do it,
I still do it too,
if you’re in a hurry, you rush,
but if you saw how I flew
you’d know there is danger,
when cars meet with men,
so cross safely and slowly,
so you can cross once again.

~ Andrew
A road safety poem, I had a nightmare about a car crash so I needed to get this out of my head. As someone who has been hit I always take an extra 2 seconds to judge if the road is safe to cross. Another very personally engaged poem is Doorway Warrior. Crazy to think that I wrote it over a month ago 😮

10 responses to “Pessimists and pedestrians

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  2. I’mm with you! No bonnet bouncing here either! LOL.
    I was on way home from corner shop today & some **&$@@((&%$! person decided to totally splash me with the slush on the road!!! I think the aire is still a pretty shade of ‘blue’….I was on the sidewalk & not in the way….the bloke had come as close to curb as he could get. I tried to get licence # but glasses were covered in slush…….sighs… still must be Winter!

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  3. Love this poem Andrew….I live in a community where there is a busy street intersecting with a busy street & so many people using canes (me) walkers (sometimes me), scooters & wheelchairs. Now we are talking (so-called) mature people & they dash out w/out even looking. Then they get angry if they almost get hit. With 5-6 foot high snow banks it is not safe at all. I walk on the street FACING traffic so the drivers can see me. I have almost been hit twice this Winter & it would NOT have been my fault. Drivers here can be ruthless….maybe it is like this everywhere; people zooming around in their cars; always in a hurry. So we pedestrians MUST watch out for ourselves 😉

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    • It was my own fault I was hit but it made me a little more cautious on the road, thankfully my stupidity has led to a lot of my friends taking more care of themselves, glad nothing serious happened as a consequence 🙂

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      • I am glad you were not seriously injured either. I have seen people’s lives change in the blink of an eye. I used to work with Para & Quadriplegics & some were road accidents & it was so sad to see them coming to grips with their paralysis.
        I am glad your friends are more vigilant now also.
        I find we have to be as pedestrians or we could end up as ‘hood ornaments’ 😉

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