Love as I know

oh Casanova,
I never met you…
but if words to paper
can bring joy much later
than a smooth talking master
much faster, effective,
swooning voice, in perspective,
I’d take a chance

Sure I’d stumble, maybe trip
a couple hundred commas and lines,
till the poem declines
into drivel. Sweet drivel.

My work may be dismissed,
I may never be kissed,
But the thought still remains.
Inner psyche they say,
is too deep to be spoken,
but the rules are just guidelines
that were made to be broken.

I can write on and on,
words so sweet, form a song
that when spoken, erupts,
in a fountain of buts,
maybes, ifs and perhaps,
when we hear thunderclaps,
the rain that forms the scene
between girl and boy will wipe clean
any mess that I splatter
upon my lovers platter,
meal for two, me and you,
love is love, true is true
until one stanza remains

Love, true love, is hard to explain
as of yet, never felt, only anger and pain
But out there, I know, not uncertain, but sure
Is the love of my life with a faultless allure

~ Andrew
Poets can be romantic too xD That’s basically the message. I wrote this a while back but I am in the middle of another spoken word poem so I wanted to post this so I can focus on getting it done for the weekend 🙂 Try Poet for another poem about the impact of poetry (well, not really, sort of).


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