Bottle Cap

a potential locked inside.
Lonely, yet defined,
the path that I decide
Entrapment, enslaved,
tortured and engraved
with sins and thoughts as past distorts
and truth cannot be saved.

Inside you is a yearning
a freedom cry so loud
I heard it from the hilltops,
over the free and raucous crowd.
I know you hold your secrets,
I know I hold mine too
We’re insecure, yet kind and pure
There’s good inside of you.

But bottle cap,
I open you, I set your spirit free,
my only wish, as I am trapped,
please do the same for me.
I may not have a bottle cap,
but capped I seem to be
please bottle cap oh bottle cap,
I’m lost in misery

~ Andrew
Anyone else feel this way? Like you’re gonna explode in a mess of thoughts that you held back? Or maybe you can relate more to the explosion of a fizzy drink that you’ve dropped on the way to school :p I can relate to both so this one fits nicely in with my life. If you’re after something similar I’d recommend Notice but also KeyboardΒ which are both about not being able to get your message across as successfully as you’d like (they’re not all the same, I wouldn’t recommend 2 poems if they were identical, but these do look at life from an average bystander perspective which I hope you can appreciate, even if you’re a celebrity that found their way here πŸ˜‰ ) Also, wondering if anyone think of Aladdin (the genie) while reading the final stanza?


21 responses to “Bottle Cap

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  3. Just picture everyone naked…oh wait; maybe not….that might distract you….
    I just used to dive into any presentation in College & it seemed to help. I would get caught up in what I was sharing & that enthusiasm was infectious & others would get interested & things alaways went smoothly.
    Fingers crossed all goes well for you Andrew.

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    • I once delivered a spontaneous prompted speech to a bunch of people I didn’t know because one person there I was trying to impress. It didn’t work but it was the most confident I had ever been and I wish I knew how to replicate it. Thank you for all your support though πŸ™‚

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      • HMM ok the next time you have to speak or recite in front of people; picture THAT person there…that might help you to relax & enjoy the experience.
        No problem….I remember the days of quaking & shaking B4 giving a presentation or reading a poem….Afterwards I always felt sick to my stomach….terrible anxiety….I am so glad I was able to overcome all that I can tell you!!!!!

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  4. FABULOUS poem Andrew! I felt like this yesterday….like I would explode like a fizzy drink…you put the feeling into words so well…..
    (Thankfully after a good cry; I felt better). (I am such a ‘girl’, lol…)

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