Gravity of Love

I have one problem with love,
It’s all about heading down,
you fall for somebody,
or you’re crushed and defeated,
yet you never hear someone say
they stood up completed,
and sure,
argue that love brings a high,
forever together,
till one of us dies,
but you can’t help but notice,
that love’s a downhill slide,
you go down on somebody,
if you ever decide,
To get a little frisky,
To get a little brave,
you’re going down in love
by the way you misbehave.
When you want a hand in marriage,
you will go down on one knee,
and kneel there in hopes they care,
‘Please will you marry me?’

The problem with emotion,
and the love that I expressed,
is my heart dropped, when your love stopped,
and now I’m cold, depressed.

My first love was my hardest,
my second, my mistake,
my third was desperation
my fourth brought me heart break.

The problem is with loving,
we walk down the aisle see,
we’re going down, we sink, we drown,
for love, is gravity.

~ Andrew
So yeah, love, tricky thing to understand, going to be a lot of poems about love this week what with Valentine’s on Saturday. Enjoy :p I’ll bring Whisper back to the forefront of your minds.. That’s the second one in this poem of the four I mention

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