The Silver Platter Generation

Taking things for granted,
all the things I love the most,
drawing without paper,
mailing without post.
The silver platter
a careful,
growing nation,
knows they need to hide their tracks,
they go behind their Mother’s backs.

~ Andrew
Because the world is just about demands and getting your way no matter what. The fact that the internet exists just makes it very easy to do whatever you want and cover up where you’ve been (doing homework.. nope games)
So um, enjoy Keyboard as a linked poem. Sorry this isn’t a fantastic piece of work but I’ve had my mind elsewhere, planning something very thought provoking for tomorrow


7 responses to “The Silver Platter Generation

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      • I think you are right. Even me (old as dirt one) knows how to use a Debit card & pay bills online. Technology has made my life easier in many ways & it has opened my world up to new people all over the world.
        I think there will always be poetry & music; we are a creative bunch we humans (with ALOT to say!) πŸ˜‰


  2. I love the title of this poem & the poem itself!
    I worry about the future generations who do not know how to address an envelope or write an actual letter. I remember not even having a phone or TV >>told you I was old πŸ˜‰
    We had to write letters to keep in touch. When we got that 1st phone it was a miracle of communciation for us. It still is for me. I LOVE my phone! I LOVE having writing paper & envelopes & actually sitting down to write a letter.
    And I DO love to type on the PC & have instant communciation with people all over the world.

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    • As a poet, the internet gives me a way to spread my work without being ‘famous’ or ‘popular’ though I’ll have to look further to inspire more people. I do worry for some people who can’t work technology, but equally for those who can’t work the real world without technology

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