Shades of Sadness

Shades of grey,
and pure dismay
at all the brutal madness,
I wear my shades,
as joy invades,
to battle off my sadness.

I try to hide the crying,
I try to crack a smile,
I crack a mirror trying,
I hide away a while.

I give my eyes,
A smooth disguise,
as though it’s sunny in my mind,
But deep inside,
I’ve lost my pride,
my sorrow is refined.
My tears are smooth and sanded down,
I’ve been practising at night,
I squint in fear,
as sorrow’s tear
reflects the morning light.

I wear these glasses,
tinted grey,
time slowly passes,
though I stay,
forever trapped
behind a curtain,
sadness, sorrow,
solemn, certain.

~ Andrew
I wear sunglasses a lot.. I guess I just figured out why I wear them sometimes. 50 Shades of Grey came out yesterday so I decided to use the word Shades as it’s topical. More sad poetry: Whisper , Gone but not FrogottenΒ 


15 responses to “Shades of Sadness

  1. You are hardly ‘one dimensional’ Andrew…..
    Nothing wrong with being strong & silent. I wish I had been more thoughtful like you when I was younger. I was a verbal ‘bull in a china shop’ I can tell you!!!
    I have improved somewhat, lol….

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  2. During my teen eyars I was outspoken & assertive. Somehow I lost the assertiveness & got pretty aggressive. Then I went thru the ‘silent’ phase. Finally I have gotten back to being diplomatically assertive…
    Now some days are a total disaster when I open my mouth & I have had to apologize for ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome. Most of my freinds are very forgiving…. πŸ˜‰

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    • I’m hoping to be the other way around, I’ve been the strong silent type for years but I really would love to do public speaking, even if just to realise I don’t like it.
      I think before I speak which makes me a very quiet person almost immediately.

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      • I chuckled when I read ‘stron silent type’.
        That is the kind of man I always go for….the ones who do not say much…who brood an think….air of mystery & all that πŸ˜‰
        I think you would be FAB at public speaking I really do!
        Nothing wrong with thinking b4 speaking; saves ALOT of aggro πŸ˜‰

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      • Thank you :3 It’s really nice to hear that I’m not seen as one dimensional, I used to think I wasn’t interesting at all but I guess I’ll have to accept that maybe I am a little
        Always think first, it’s kind of been my motto to save myself trouble but it does lead to over-thinking

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    • I hide myself behind the sunglasses. Don’t do it often but just often enough that I feel I’m not going to get on everyone’s nerves. People say i look stupid but I’d rather they thought that than they actually knew what was in my head.

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      • What you said reminds me of the saying” better to say nothing & let people think you are a fool rather than to open your mouth & confirm it!”
        You are neither stupid of a fool Andrew…true friends will see your worth.

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      • My maths teacher always used that saying when somebody said something ridiculous as many of us do, it’s very true but I’m not one to keep my mouth closed, I tend to speak through writing but I would love to be able to talk with confidence and not be a fool. Thank you πŸ™‚

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  3. Poignant poem Andrew..I used to wear sunglasses alot when I was younger. Hiding behind them….
    There was a song I used to love:

    Cory Hart is a Candian singer who made it BIG back in the 80’s. This song was my anthem for many years πŸ˜‰

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    • I naturally have sharper eyesight so my eyes suffer more in brighter light (giving me a good excuse to wear them) but I only really wear sunglasses when I don’t want people to look me in the eye (or me looking them in the eye).
      Had a listen to the song, it’s not hugely my style but I much prefer it to modern day pop, I’ll keep a note of it because it definitely sounds like something I could listen to again πŸ™‚

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      • I used to have to wear yellow lenses glasses to cut the Sun’s glare & the nite time glare when travelling on the Highways….the glare of headlites was blinding.
        I like sunglasses for the same reason you do πŸ˜‰
        When that song came out I had a raging case of Pink Eye & so wore my sunglasses all the time; day AND nite….so the song has a funny memory for me….
        Originally I was not a big fan of Corey Hart but then the music grew on me….

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      • It’s something my friends never picked up on (or just never mentioned), most of them just assumed it was the sunlight, even on fairly mild days where the sun wasn’t that bad. I use them more as an antisocial tool :p
        I’ll have to listen to some more older music, seems to have a nice feel to it

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