Lie with me

I’ve never liked the liars,
with desires never ending,
as they lie to lie with you,
they’re the ones not worth befriending.

Will you lie with me
if I choose to lie to you?
I’ll love you deeply, truly,
as I lie with lovers true.

The biggest cheat,
my words, deceit,
and all the truth will crumble,
you’ll curse and swear,
but I don’t care,
I’ll watch you as you stumble.

Fight fire with fire
and liar with liar,
if you can’t speak honest lines,
I’ll dowse your flames,
your stupid games,
you missed the warning signs.

The truth is out,
to quench all doubt,
the thirst is satisfied.
The liar lying, lying crying
his words are falsified.

~ Andrew
Some people aren’t very good at the truth, but it’s actually rather funny when you know they’re making it all up and you lie by going along with it, it’s just amazing how far some people will go in terms of lying.
Not exactly connected but on the subject of lying (or falsifying): Put on a Smile – A more positive-ish poem.
Also if you’ve not seen my depressing Valentine’s Day poem about being sad, here it is: Shades of Sadness


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