Letting Go

To some I may sound crazy,
to others, out of line,
but letting go is easy,
when I know the fault is mine.

I can see you slowly leaving,
I hear the door slam, as it shuts,
I don’t try to make excuses,
no maybes, ifs or buts.

I accept it like a sentence,
I’ve been sentenced to before,
a life without your presence,
is a life I can’t ignore.

I must face it like my demons,
I must clash as though I know,
that you’re the one that’s leaving,
Whilst I’m still letting go.

I’ve had people come and people go,
my hotel of despair,
Whilst some return, they never learn,
how much I really care.

I know it may sound crazy,
but I just can’t escape the blame,
you walked away, as skies turned grey,
still dwelling on your name.

~ Andrew
As hard as it is to accept, sometimes people leave and it’s not your fault but when they do I find myself trying to work it out as if I’ve done something wrong..
As far as loneliness goes: Footsteps of a Broken Man is an equally lonely poem.


9 responses to “Letting Go

  1. I used to find this too Andrew. Dealing with my insane Mother & my souless stepdad & alot of other dysfunctional relatives & then worrking in high energy professions where Adrenaline flows like water I was always on “High Alert”. Downtime made me more anxious.
    It has taken years to retrain my brain & body to relax. I find if I get into a confrontation now my Adrenaline races & I function great…so obviously my brain & body are programmed for stress….
    I hope you can un-stress & enjoy half term & write poems & just breathe….. 😉


      • I used to find deep emotions propelled me to write…I had to be very stressed or scared or angry or totally happy or moved by something like a thunderstorm or an animal in need of help…there were no grey areas if that makes sense?

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      • It makes sense, the extreme emotions tend to provoke thoughts from which writing can stem. The only emotion/state I have never been able to write under is fear, it’s just so unique and indescribable because you can tell yourself you’re not afraid but you are and nothing can change that.
        Having no grey areas would be nice, being able to use any emotion to write with

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  2. “My Hotel of despair”…blew me away!
    Have tou watched the OLD movie “Grand Hotel” with Greta Garbo & John Barrymore? What a great poem…so sad & so true…I have felt this way far too many times….sigh….

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