A Day Like Tomorrow

I’m waiting on tomorrow,
waiting in my room,
Obsessed with shadows cast by lights,
amid the murky gloom.
I’m waiting on tomorrow,
seconds till it’s here.
I’m waiting on tomorrow,
waiting, watching time in fear,
of something unexpected,
they say tomorrow never comes,
they don’t know that I’m still waiting
as I’m twiddling my thumbs.
I expect it will come sooner.
waiting, minutes passing by,
tomorrow please come quickly,
I just want another try.
Today was unsuccessful,
The day before still offers tears,
I’ve been waiting on tomorrow,
for at least a couple years.

~ Andrew
Still waiting for that reset button to kick in so I can give life another try.. I’m starting to feel more disconnected from the poetry I write and I can’t understand why because everything I write comes from experience but even now I don’t feel like I’m the persona.. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.
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3 responses to “A Day Like Tomorrow

  1. The problem with looking forward is we forget to live for today. Obviously we need to think ahead but if that is to the exclusion of enjoying what we can now then we have a problem. Life is too short so make the most of what you can.

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    • I’m trying to live my life day by day but every so often I find myself wanting today to end because it hasn’t quite gone right.. I guess this poem contradicts a lot of the ideals I have but that’s just how I am right now


      • Life is about choices, no one can make them for you and there will always be days where you just want to get to the end. Human beings are full of contradictions many wrapping their lives in lies to make themselves feel better. You hinted at that in your previous poem, the problem will always be working out the truth and sometimes you don’t realise till way too late.


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