Jealousy’s Embrace

Green sleeves of Jealousy,
That bring us together
whether I let go without a taste,
a waste of dignity, and hastily
I move in closer, closer to your face,
bringing you in tightly
in Jealousy’s embrace.

I do not know my purpose,
but I know my own desires.
The fires igniting between us
as two bodies cause friction.
An addiction to you,
I threw passion and lace,
tying you softly,
in my Jealous embrace.

What I have is not enough,
what I need I cannot own,
I have sown a seed of spite
that might bleed my Jealous tone.

I am calm with your attention,
I am ferocious in the chase,
I live by the invention
of the envious embrace.

~ Andrew
I’m one of the more jealous people in the world, I know what I have is great but my over-thinking mind always deems me deserving of more. It’s weird because I completely ignore it at times but sometimes I just find myself wanting what others have. I can’t really think of any other poems I’ve written in this manner but it was re-reading ‘What Colour is Rejection‘ that made me think of this. I also need to publish the improved version of that which I have saved somewhere under a file name of yijrthbtrih or something of equal gibberishness (I’m just making words up now). Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more recent poem that relates I would suggest Companion, a bit of a polar opposite in tone but equally about lusting and stuff.


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