School’s Out Son

School’s out son,
go pack your things,
the plane leaves soon,
and summer brings
a vast, expensive,
calming end,
to the torture of school
so minds may mend.

School’s out daughter,
it’s quarter past three,
you’ve served your time,
but now you’re free.
You’ve given your days
To a slave’s education,
you finished it all
and you’ve reached your salvation

School’s out teacher,
you’re free to retire,
don’t tell us you miss it,
Miss, don’t be a liar.
You hated our class
worst one you’ve ever had,
and you’re glad that we’re gone
we were driving you mad.

School’s out Mum,
that means six weeks at home,
six weeks on the sofa
And six weeks to moan
About jobs uncompleted,
defeating objectives,
you want us to succeed
But it seems we’re defective.

~ Andrew
Because I have school tomorrow I figured I’d look back on the best part of school, summer. Not written much in the way of school before but The Silver Platter Generation sums up childish attitudes pretty well. Expect much better and more thought provoking poems in the future, with school tomorrow I’m bound to find some inspiration. Also notice that School’s out son becomes S.O.S :p


26 responses to “School’s Out Son

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  3. 😉 I do what I can Andrew. Sometimes all i can do is pray for people who continue to hurt & self abuse. We can only help those who want to be helped.
    I have learned that over the years…..sad but true….

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      • No it is not a cliche Andrew. If a person wants to change their lives they can if they are willing to do the footwork. I had to make a decision to change my life & my attitudes. it was a long haul but it was worth it.
        I am somewhat jaded (but then I have been thru alot); however I make the best of each day. I have this PRO/CON list that I do mentally. I focus on all the good moments thru out the day (even when sick).
        I enjoy my Britshows & Siddhartha Henry who has now discovered cupboards & jumping up to assist with cooking & making tea. Phone calls & emails from friends are all happy events. Even hanging out on WP & emailing like this is a PRO in my life.
        I guess I am a glass half full sort of girl 🙂

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      • I wrote a pros and cons list about myself a while ago with some help, I wrote the cons and they wrote the good things about me, I had to agree with them in spite of how much I disagreed with what they were saying. I’m a ‘glass is twice as big as it needs to be’ kind of person myself :p

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      • Thank you Andrew! I am glad I made changes. At first the changes were for me & then I saw so many possibilities open up for me in all areas of my Life. I have seen so many refuse to change & they are either dead or living in a world of emotional hurt.
        I have a few friends who still continue to abuse themselves….so I live & let live….
        I have a few friends who are so stubborn & opinionated & they say they are all right but have very few friends….
        I learn from others too 😉

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      • We can’t help everyone right now, that’s something that hopefully society will find answers to over time but for now it’s about keeping your closest friends out of harms way if possible 🙂

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  4. Some days I can barely walk let alone help anyone else. However on those days I call one of my widowed friends (I have been widowed twice). I try to do what I can for 2 & 4 leggeds as much as I can.
    My neighbor tells me I am a ‘light’ to many people in my life & to the cats who cross my path or come into my life. Whens he told me that it gave me the boost I needed to continue on 😉
    Being someone’s light is a wonderful thing…

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      • 🙂 I say this with humility Andrew. I never thought I could be someone’s anything besides a “pain in the A$$”, hahaha!!
        I am my harshest critic! 😉
        I remember the stories about my maternal Great Grandmother Sarah who took care of a homeless man named Red & other people who were in dire straits. She was not a wealthy woman but she did so much in her time for those less fortunate. My Nanna (her daughter) was a caring woman who took me whe I was mere months old. She was 50 yrs old with Rheumatoid Arthritis & an elderly sick 2nd husband…..she never complained…she was my LIGHT as was my Father.
        The ‘light’ gene passed over my Mother (poor woman) so I decided to aspire to be a good person like my Nanna & Bubba were…
        I only wished I could have had children to carry on when I am gone 😦

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  5. LOL hectic is right Andrew! throw in hubbies; dogs, cats; animal rescue; drinking & partying & travelling….
    No wonder I am a clapped out wreck now, hahahaha!!!!
    Seriously I loved school for the structure (as I am Hyperactive & needed that). I wanted to go to College but the crazies would not fund me (& they could have afforded it). So out to work I went.
    The Government paid to retrain me as my health was not good & I needed to learn something more sedentary.
    If the money would not have run out (& my health crapped out too) I was going thru as a Social Service Worker for the Elderly. I ended up pensioned off & DID get my Psyche Diploma 😉
    So I have been able to do Counselling on & off over the years & help people. That is something at least!

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      • I had hoped to pay some of my tuition back but was unable to due to my health. So I decided I would do freelance counselling when I was able to & help others.
        I still do cat rescue when the need arises. I also am a ‘friend & I donate food & animal crates & other items to our feral cat group. I’m also a friendly visitor’ for Siamese cats in the Shelter as they do not thrive in those places.
        So I keep my hand in as much as I can! 😉

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      • I’d love to follow your example, perhaps not with animals but helping people in any way I can just to give back to the community. It’s amazing to think you do so much despite all the set backs you’ve had

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  6. I caught that S.O.S.>>>very clever Andrew!
    The poem was great too. I always loved school tho’ was glad of Summer vaca I can tell you!
    With my crazy home life… school was my refuge!! I had some great teachers who encouraged me. I have fond memories….

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      • Are you sure you are just 18?? (this is a compliment).
        I felt that way when I graduated at 17. I challeneged myself by working in a factory doing a man’s job (Punch Press & Brake Press Operator).
        Then I went into business with Hubby #1 & we had our own Tow Truck & brokered…again I was the only woman.
        Then I decided to be a Professional Nanny (thank Mary Poppins for that, lol…)
        Finally I went into Nursing…I took care of Quad & Paraplegics. The easiest career was being a Nanny 😉
        I went to Colleg at age 34 & spent 5 years studying. It was the BEST 5 yrs of my Life….I could have been a ‘professional’ student if I had enough money to pay my way 😉

        I do not think you will ‘just accept’ a routine one day; you have aLOT going for you…

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      • Sounds like a pretty hectic life to be honest 🙂 I’ve not got much to tell just yet, in comparison with you at least. I do find that I need school to make me dedicate myself to work, otherwise nothing would ever get done haha

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