Darker Nights

My eyes are closed
as darkness descends,
and friends become monsters
and monsters become me.

The darker nights,
the dimming lights,
the platform master,
the train goes faster,
the dying cries
the dying rise.
Darker nights, darker days,
as darkness invades.

Reoccurring, repeating,
my fears need defeating,
my anguish and pain
all thoughts in my brain
that I project like holograms.

Darker nights cannot be brightened,
when no bulbs can be replaced,
I am faced with eternal shade
made of fear, for I’m afraid,
that I will never wake.

~ Andrew
One of the problems I have is knowing when to end a poem that’s so loosely written, I could’ve gone on for hours about my conflicted nightmare/dream state but it means nothing to anyone but me so I just took what I could from the most repetitive ones. Another reflective poem you may enjoy is My Deeper Inquisition which is about my conscious mind questioning things

8 responses to “Darker Nights

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  2. I have felt that recognising our own darkness is the first step to finding the light. We struggle with our inner demons throughout our lives but knowing when to fight our fears and step into the light is one of the great struggles in life. Your words are your weapons and you use them well.

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    • Thank you! I try to put thoughts onto paper (or blog posts) because otherwise I’m just holding them up inside and that’s not recognising them, that’s just accepting that something is there to bring us down


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