The Right Kind of Wrong

My every mistake
is another success,
No less than the last
But the past
is tired.

Tired of being admired
for the wrong that I’ve done,
that is mirrored by some
and respected by many.

I do not want to praise
yesterday’s decision,
rather, ask permission
to fix what went wrong.

It is hard to do wrong
When I confess to the truth,
and they laugh it away,
as I laugh away youth,
and waste every day
throwing seconds away
like I’ve got forever.

Forever to waste
and taste glory,
a story of me,
not a pretty picture to draw,
if you saw what I had done.

~ Andrew
It’s hard looking back and admitting the decisions I’ve made along the way were the correct ones, some think I set a good example and some people say they want the ‘old me’ back which annoys me because I never liked the old me, I disliked everything I did and now I’ve found something I can look back on and be glad I did it, but if you want a role model for going through school I am definitely far from that ideal. Another interesting look into my life is Bottle Cap
P.s I haven’t had any crazily amazing ideas for a few days so these poems are just me testing the waters with my personal experience to see how that goes down


10 responses to “The Right Kind of Wrong

  1. Me too! I was changed by the crazy parents & not for the best…I left home at 17 yrs of age. Clueless to what Life was all about. The first 8 months were something I can tell you! Not in a good way either, lol. So I decided things had to change….my ‘puppy love’ found me & he rescued me & I did change some things. Then again some things did not change & it took me til my early 30’s to decide once & for all to change myself for the better.
    It has been an ongoing process for years…
    I would not want to return to the person I was 😉
    And you are right; it is BEST to steer clear of people who party etc. I enjoy peace & quiet now; no more drama! 🙂

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    • Certainly got a story to tell 🙂 It’s about finding the best possible route through life and that comes with a few bumps in the road, I’ve had a few minor setbacks but I expect life is never kind and there will be more to come

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      • I used to cringe when I would hear the words, “When I was your age…” Blah, blah, blah…I remember telling the family I had to experience Life on my won terms & make whatever mistakes needed to grow up! Some were soozies I can tell you andrew…but they were mine!
        My Niece followed my path in many respects & I never said those words to her in seriousness. She too has to make her own way & mistakes. Life is not always easy but it can be wonderful 😉

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  2. Excellent poem Andrew….
    I can relate. My distant past is nothing to be proud of in many ways. Some people wanted me to still be the person i was. I did not respect or like myself much. I chose to re-invent & change myself in my early 30’s & I never looked back! People drifted out of my Life. That was how it was meant to be. Over the years I have amassed friends who support me; this me & respect me for who I have become!
    Thank you for sharing this poem…you took the words right out of my mouth…

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    • I’m glad you were able to relate, I was thinking about all the changes I’ve made that have made me a happier person and how some people don’t think they were the right choices but from the lowest point of my life I’ve made my own choices and I’m pleased with how I’ve changed

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      • The one constant in Life is change. I have seen many friends go thru positive changes & many go thru negative changes. I learned lessons from both types of people.
        I had to let some friends go who fell into self destructive patterns &/or got into trouble with the Police. I wish them well.
        I am no better than the next person so do not judge. I DO make choices tho to make myself safe both phsycially & emotionally.
        True friends will stand by you when you go thru changes esp when they are self improving changes!

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      • I prefer to be the one making the change rather than letting a change shape me, if I’m a problem to someone I’d love to be the bigger man and change to fix things. Friends that are dangerous are probably best to stay clear of when they have nights out etc

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  3. Everyone will talk about life’s journey and how things could have been. There are many things we wish we could change but if you dwell in the past you may not see what is coming in your future. It is not easy to close off issues and free yourself of the baggage of the past but to be truly happy you have to let the hurt go. I can only speak for what has worked for me as there are many things in the past that I did wrong but I have come out the other side a much happier person so I will not let the past become an anchor that I have to drag through my life.

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