Silence is Silver

Nothing hits harder
than silence.

Silence. So mind numbingly cold
like an avalanche
it drops.
Never stops for the lost
the weary, buried alive,
silence, a silver,
shivering standstill.

Frozen in time, locked into place,
an icy cave, as echoes replace,
the voices once heard, drowned,
in seconds past,
the panicked words found
were the traveller’s last.

~ Andrew
Never been in an avalanche myself but I wrote this after watching a video about avalanches and it just inspired a thought about what it may be like to be in one. It’s also a bit of filler because I’m writing something long and epic which I hope to get done soon. For another poem about silence (well sort of) you may enjoy Alone


7 responses to “Silence is Silver

  1. LOL I know you are human…many humans do not have the capacity to articulate as you do!
    As I re-read this poem I realized I used to call my Mother the Ice Queen (in my mind) & so the ‘avalanche’ analogy is perfect!

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