Mr Wrong

He makes you feel so good about yourself,
like you finally have someone who cares,
who will be there,
there for you alone,
and when the time comes,
when it all becomes too real,
he slips out,
leaving doubt and betrayal.
A trail of deceit.
The reality is too much for him to take,
hearts will break for him,
too many hearts.
And I cannot stand by
and watch you become one of those,
he chose you,
because he is a product of lies,
and you’re the pretty flower,
that he has grown to despise.

~ Andrew
I found this in my notes on my iPod, started but unfinished 529 days ago. That’s about a year and a half, not sure what direction I initially wanted to take it but I wanted to at least finish it, a combination of 2 styles, me now and me 18 months ago.
I think Predator of Love and One Night Stand would be good poems to look at if you’re curious and want to read more that are like this. As always, this isn’t one that I would rank alongside my best but I hope it at least provokes some thoughts 🙂


8 responses to “Mr Wrong

    Hilarious metaphor.
    We shall say no more about it…..*wiping tears away*
    Oh that was so funny……
    I think I have had my quota of the Supermans….it is all right. I have made peace with my losses of the 2 good hubbies I messed up & the 2 good hubbies who are dead. #3 will is alive & will always remind me of what NOT to go for, lol…no dunking going on THERE! 😉

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  2. Totally reminded me of a few “Mr Wrongs” I had in my Life.
    My heart has been broken so many times I think it is duct taped together when it comes to men.
    My friends & acquaintenances want to set me up with different guys & I always say “NO!”
    After all the marriages & a few broken engagements & a few other boyfriends I am happily ‘retired’ 😉
    I’m not jaded or diss-illushioned….I am now just a realist & know I could not find “Mr Right” if he was standing in front of me…. I did have a few Mr Right’s but they are both deceased now…. just my luck LOL.

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    • I wouldn’t know Mrs Right if she were in front of me either so I guess it’s something everyone has experience of. I wouldn’t expect to be considered a Mr Right right now because I’m still maturing but one day I’d like to write an opposite poem to this where I can speak from experience

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      • LOL Andrew I hear you…finding the ‘perfect’ person is not as easy it sounds. I realized I had to find “Mr. Right for Me”…not who my Mother wanted or my family or my friends or society.
        If I had treated my 1st hubby correctly he would have been ‘Mr. Right’. But I blew that. Same with 2nd hubby (that lasted 6 mths sadly).
        3rd hubby was a HUGE disaster but I learned who ‘Mr. Wrong’ was for me!! 4th hubby (the Quad) was a train wreck but so was I. Somehow we had the most amazing love. We both were fractured so we “FIT”. He died after 13 yrs together….
        Hubby 5 was a ‘Mr Right’ howver his personal demons led him down a rough road that ended with his suicide. We only had 4 yrs & not all of it together.
        From ALL this experience I know my “Mr. Right” has to be sane & sober; drug free; empathetic; honest; trustworthy; an animal lover; mature enough to take care of himself & spiritual (not religious).
        I think I am looking for Superman!!!!! ROFWL!!!

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      • I think it is about ‘right for you’ in terms of finding someone, no one is going to be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s about finding the perfect cup to dunk your biscuit of love :p I’ll never use that metaphor again haha.
        Superman is out there somewhere, gotta keep looking :p

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