Emphasise Truth

Give me a crayon,
and I will draw the attention of thousands.
Give me a word,
and I will scream it from the rooftops.

But do not feed me lies,
do not cover my plate
with your hatred.
Do not season me,
with pepper to torture the senses.
Do not build your defences
from trickery and deceit.

I will emphasise,
only where I see fit.
I will not propagandise
your lies and false pretence.
I will speak sense
and hope others follow.

I am not hollow
like a tree,
I am a person,
with personality
I will not conform to standards,
Rather, stand for something
worth conforming to.

I have a name,
you will read it, forget it
and come to regret it,
when I speak truth.
I cannot change the world,
but I will damn well save our youth.

~ Andrew
Not a fan of politics, bunch of idiots who never know what they’re doing, if you go for a job, at least make good on your promises. I don’t often write to criticise but this thought has been lingering for a while, I think the last attack I made on society was Yolo :p I’m not too sure on the title of the poem, it sort of works but sort of doesn’t >.<


5 responses to “Emphasise Truth

  1. Strong poetic imagery…i thought of Martin Luther King Jr when i read this….I can see you in a role like this advocating for people….you have that power within you Andrew..I am sure of it!

    Liked by 1 person

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