Luddled Metters

I’m always mixing letters,
it comes as no surprise,
when T’s turn into R’s
and O’s turn into I’s.

But tempered tapping,
keyboard slapping,
Luddled Metters, on the page,
Stupid spelling,
angered yelling,
keyboards smashed in fits of rage.

But what I find annoying,
is work that’s been mislead,
Corrupting and destroying,
the underline in red.

I hope you understand me,
when I tell you check it twice,
it’s common sense, so use it,
also known as ‘good advice.’

~ Andrew
I felt like complaining about bad spelling for once, it’s not something I can say ‘I’ve never printed anything without mistakes’ to but it’s certainly annoying when someone leaves enough errors to have people laughing at them. If you liked this you may also like Keyboard

25 responses to “Luddled Metters

  1. Oh this is awesome news!! i say “DO IT!! DO IT!!”
    Just remember you want to be heard…that will help with the nervousness…
    My tip: Pretend you are just reciting the poem aloud in your bedroom alone….that always worked for me!

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  2. We poets are a delicate lot it seems. We all seem to be somewhat shy & quiet & isolated…maybe that is why we are talented? 😉
    I am sorry that you find you have to isolate & that you are anxious…it is no fun at all…

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    • It’s a neverending cycle, I have a headache so I can’t work, I get stressed because I can’t work, I play games to relieve stress, I get stressed because I’m not playing the games as well (due to the headache) and I end up with a severe stress headache :/ They usually do go away though.

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      • It’s stress related, I’ve had days where I play no games and get sick and others where I spend all day on games and I’m perfectly fine, I’ve tried keeping my tension down but I get very tense over almost everything

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  3. LOL inspiration comes to us anywhere; anytime….
    I am glad you are enjoying writing poetry daily. You are a fine poet.
    As for me, I am still a bit feverish & headachey but on the mend I think…
    Thank you for the good wishes. They help 🙂

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    • I’ve been under a bit of stress which caused a headache today, I would rather use poetry as a medicine but it’s best done when I’m at 100%
      It’s no fun being ill, it makes being productive so much harder

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      • Oh Andrew I am sorry you were under stress & have a headache! I hope it passes soon…both the stress & headache….
        Time for a cuppa & some down time perhaps?
        P.S.: I hope you feel better soon. Just realized it is is close to 11 pm there right?

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  4. GREAT title for the poem Andrew!!!!
    (I am feverish with Flu so had no idea what you wrote…) HAHAHAHA!!
    So I read the poem twice & I get it now! I love it!!! I make typo’s; we all do however if I can not spell a word properly I look it up!
    Right now I have a ‘huddled mead’…hehehe…

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      • See even your Mother provided inspiration! 😉
        Well I am on Day 3 of Flu & am burning up with fever. I made sure to read your 2 newest poems & comment. I look forward to reading your poetry daily now….
        Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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      • Not sure she’d appreciate the inspiration she has been in this case :p
        I’ll be sure to keep up the daily poems, I’m glad you’re enjoying them, the fact people are reading my poetry daily makes me all the more likely to write them with a strong motivational force behind me ^.^
        I hope you feel better soon!

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