I do not give a…

about your foul mouth,
nor the sh…sh.. sugar
that it spills.

The chilling words
That freeze my ears.
Frost – bite,
Quite close to insanity.
I care not at all,
for your use of profanity.

You little.. witch
how do you maintain
‘back chat’
with your spineless rumours
that infect innocents like plague.
Your vague allusions to English
through ‘f’ bombs that explode
into every listening ear.

Do not seek pity
as you flee the city,
I know one day you’ll return.
Will you ever learn your lesson?
I guess I’ll find out,
when I see you next Tuesday.

~ Andrew
I try to avoid swear words unless I’m quoting someone or something but I wanted to attempt to write about swearing without using any of the swear words themselves, I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re interested in the only poem where I do actually swear with good reason (as far as I’m aware I haven’t done it elsewhere (wow so much rhyming in one sentence) ) it’s called One Hundred And One Damnations and it’s about bullying, I really recommend you listen to it (Spoken Word), I may not have the best equipment for recording but there’s a message that the poem carries that I would want to last even beyond the low production quality. The other poems I have sworn in are Reinvented and What Colour is Rejection but if the swear words were removed I think they would still be effective poems.


12 responses to “Profanity

  1. HAHAAHAA I am laughing aloud about you slipping stronger language into convo with the parents! I remember those days well.
    Parents are funny people; they want us to ‘grow up’ but when we ddo they want their ‘babies’ back πŸ˜‰
    I swear in Yiddush….no one has a clue!

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    • I know how to swear in more languages than I can say hello in, that’s a little bit sad but I find it funny that things such as greek I know all the rude words but I can’t greet a greek person


      • πŸ˜‰ I had to look the Greek words up Andrew…lol…
        Spanish is quite easy to learn; Swedish is UBER difficult….harder than German….
        I did speak German & French when I was younger but lost both languages because of lack of use. I never could learn Hebrew as it is a symbolistic language & I have a learning disability….so no Hebrew, Chinese, East Indian or Aboriginal Cree….I could no even decipher shorthand when I was taking Commercial courses in High School…
        And now I know why….
        I do NOW understand how the Hebrew is written but do not have a teacher to help me sort those ‘squiggles’ out….

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      • One of the most interesting languages to learn for symbols seems to be korean, you have multi radical letters that create sounds and it seems like a nice thing to learn for the sake of learning (which I do do from time to time)

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  2. I hear you on substitue words. I use ‘Flounder’ (hey it works!) & ‘Buddha on a Breadstick (borrowed from a Brit friend of mine) & then there is my late Ma’s saying, “J.C. on a crutch!” I was appalled when I heard her say that & she then told me as we are Jewish we are not taking a certain person’s name in vain…
    Ah yah Ma….
    My own saying: “Jesus Bald Headed American Eagle!” How’s THAT for swearing??? HAHAHAHA!

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      • LOL it is funny what we as a sciety now condider ‘swearing’ isn’t it?? Back in the 60’s the “F” word was not tolerated at all. Now it is just a word, more or less. It certainly can be used in many colorful ways.
        I had to clean up my ‘potty’ mouth once I was out of Tow Trucking….
        I became the perfect Nanny…
        I still hardly ever use profanity when speaking to my Niece who is 35 yrs old. I was her Guardian for 15 yrs.
        Now when we chat if I use a ‘swear’ word I instantly apologize & Victoria bursts out laughing!!! She says she knows more swear words than I do πŸ˜‰
        I am glad I learned how to speak w/out profanity….
        I know people who use FLIP but it is not solid enough for me…whereas FLOUNDER somehow curbs the urge, hahahahaha!!!! What are we like?

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      • Flounder reminds me of Finding Nemo haha. I might start swearing in other languages as in my mind it’s less directly offensive. I have started to slip swear words or worse words into conversation with my parents, but only if it’s necessary and in context

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  3. What a great poem!! I like the use of ‘fudge’ & ‘sugar’…you really captured the essence of swearing….
    I can swear like a trucker (because I WAS a trucker). I am vigilant to NOT swear in front of children & the elderly or JW’s or at Temple…
    There is a time & place for bad language & it is sad that people use the “F” word like it is “and” πŸ˜‰

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