March-ing On

on promises made three months prior.
Desire to quit resolutions made,
but we go marching on.

Parading victorious flags,
while the war rages on.
We kept our word,
like they kept our minds,
hostage to contracts
we wrote with good intentions.

Pumped up knees,
rising and falling,
like the waves of the seas,
that crash down at the end of their journey.
An epic task to cross oceans
in our rafts,
held together with gentle thoughts.

A quarter way done,
three quarters to go,
March on and be strong,
come rain, shine or snow.

~ Andrew
I’ve kept up my New Year’s Resolution into March for the first time ever so I wanted to make a big deal of it :p Promise links to this as a new year thing, oh and Reinvented too πŸ™‚


8 responses to “March-ing On

      • It has been so long ago I forget how to write an essay. I vaguely remember something about a good opening & stating the purpose of the essay. Proposing a question & then the body of the essay is proving the point or answering the question posed. The end of the essay was to be a summation of the aforementioned & a clear definitive statement..followed by footnotes (G-D I hated doing them!)
        Ok maybe I am not ‘witless’; I just have an absurb way of seeing things sometimes & I have a habit of ‘telling it like it is’ & that upsets people. I have this unerring ability to see thru BS & call people on theirs, lol…

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      • There seems to be a different method of writing an essay for each subject right now, some of them they want you to write questions and answer them in a paragraph, some say ‘no questions’ and it’s all a little bit absurd.
        Telling it like it is is a good skill but not one everyone is appreciative of, especially when you tell them they’re wrong

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