I’ll Be There

I know it isn’t much,
But it’s the least that I can do,
I’m begging for forgiveness
For the way I treated you.

You’ve shown me your affection,
and I threw it in your face
I couldn’t bear to lose you,
You’re not easy to replace.

You’ll say that you’re okay,
but I’m the one that’s not
I had a friend like candy
and I left you out to rot.

I’ve broken many friendships
So I sadly can relate
I’m cursed to be a loner,
but I won’t accept my fate.

I will speak to those that matter,
I will stand with those who care,
If you find your heart is shattered
then I promise I’ll be there.

~ Andrew
I’ve been ill so I had to steal a poem I wrote a while ago and just edit that to post here. I hope you’ll also like Friend which is another poem about Friendship. This doesn’t exactly relate to things right now in my life (hence why I feel it’s a cop out) but I’ll be provoking thoughts tomorrow (I hope).


9 responses to “I’ll Be There

  1. Nothing wrong with this poem Andrew! In fact it reminds me of when I hurt a friend years ago. Badly. I tried to make amends but the damage was done & I never saw or heard from Marina H. again. I have wonderd how she is over the years & tried to find her on FB & other sites…
    She was such a good person & I was such a fool to mistreat her…..

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      • I could tell you wrote from the heart Andrew. I think I have found the friend I hurt many years ago. Now I wonder if I should even try to contact her. She said she NEVER wanted to speak to me again…
        I still owe her an apology…what to do?

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      • I have a list in my mind of people to apologise to, it’s not a long one (yet) but I do wish to at least admit I was wrong and to put that thought to rest. Perhaps give her the apology and don’t expect anything back though

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      • I DID find her on FB but chickened out. I would of course expect nothing back from this girl as I hurt her terribly.
        I have made amends to everyone else….guess I should go where ‘angels fear to tread’, lol 😉

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