Paper Perfect

Clean, pristine,
perfect and pure,
the paper unmarked,
has glowing allure,
A page without pen,
A line without ink.
Unspeakably white,
to make my heart sink.

The page that I write on,
is bright and appealing,
my words scar the page
but the truth I’m revealing,
makes up for the loss
of the beauty I see,
the beauty they stole,
from the wood of the tree.

~ Andrew
I wrote this short poem as an entry to ‘colours of love’ because I love writing on a blank sheet of paper (which inevitably turns into a mess of colour) and I decided to share it with you (trying to keep on top of poetry and school work isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I wrote a second stanza today to show how paper may look nice but to make something that looks nice you usually destroy something beautiful to do so. Bit of a conflict there :p If you enjoyed this you ‘wood’ also enjoy Branch (ba dum tsss)..


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